by Montague - 8th March 2021
In January we announced a change in direction to focus exclusively on elegant home décor crochet. We've been itching to share what we've been working on, and now we finally can! Let me tell you all about it.

Ever since we started the Maker Club we've had plans on how it could grow into...well, a proper club. While we were preparing for our switch to home décor crochet, we took the opportunity to put our plans for the club in motion.

Introducing the revamped Ava & Montague Club! Renamed to reflect our change in direction, the club comes with a whole set of membership perks. Right now, club members can benefit from:
  • Monthly projects - a new home décor crochet project to make every single month. We'll share the pattern, list of supplies, tips and anything else you'll need to make it.
  • Project booklets - we package all the project details in a booklet we publish for every project. We'll mail you a physical booklet in our monthly parcel and you can download a digital version from our booklet library.
  • Monthly parcel - you'll receive, directly at your door, a small parcel with that month's printed project booklet plus some other goodies. Free delivery worldwide.
  • Be part of our focus group - sneak peeks and previews of what we're working on and an opportunity to provide your input.
  • Invitations to join our team of pattern testers - open exclusively to club members.
  • ...and more!
These are all supported by a huge upgrade to our website which now has a club member area through which members can access all of the club's features.

And the best part: becoming a member is completely free!

Those of you who joined the Maker Club earlier last year automatically have access to the Ava & Montague Club member area. If you are one of them, you should have received an email with your log in details (let us know if you haven't and we'll sort it out for you).

We've also redesigned the rest of our website into the one you're browsing right now. Along with the member area, this went live on Thursday, 25th March 2021 at 18:30 CET.

So there you have it! And this is just the beginning. We've got many more exciting things which we'll be introducing piecemeal over the coming weeks, as well as other club features which we'll be rolling out bit by bit so keep an eye out for more updates and thank you so much for your support!!

We can't wait to get back into the swing of things again!

~ Monty

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