Ava & Montague Club

Are you constantly looking for new and inspiring home décor crochet projects to make which the whole household (or a lucky friend) can enjoy?

The Ava & Montague Club has you covered with a variety of monthly patterns to periodically switch things up and freshen up a space. Each project will make you fall in love with your home over and over again by infusing new life into your space and keeping things from getting stale.

If you simply cannot put your hook down and are excited by endless possibilities to keep your home always feeling anew, you've come to the right place!
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Club features, perks and benefits

Ava & Montague Club benefits
Fresh décor every month
A new home décor crochet project to make every single month. We'll share the pattern, list of supplies, tips and anything else you'll need to make it.
Ava & Montague Club benefits
Curated and convenient
You get something amazing to make every month without having to spend hours hunting down a good project. And since we meticulously design these projects ourselves, you can rest assured that you're getting tasteful, elegant projects with excellent-quality patterns.
Ava & Montague Club benefits
Pattern library
If you're looking for inspiration, our pattern library is a great place to find your next crochet project. It's organised by categories to make it easy for you to navigate and discover new ideas.
Ava & Montague Club benefits
Downloadable/printable pdf pattern
Besides being available on our website, we also package the pattern and full details of every project in a print-friendly digital booklet which you can download to add to your personal collection.
Ava & Montague Club benefits
Customise pattern - colours
Easily switch out our colours for your own so you can keep on crocheting without having to constantly keep track of your colour substitutions. Your colours will become part of both the online and downloadable pattern, which will update automatically.
Ava & Montague Club benefits
Customise pattern - resizing
We'll personally customise resizable patterns to fit the size you want. We're also working on an automated feature that will instantly make this adjustment for you, on demand. It's almost done!
Ava & Montague Club benefits
All patterns in both UK & US terms
Every pattern is available in both British and American crochet terms, so you can pick the terms you're familiar with and jump right into crocheting your project.
Ava & Montague Club benefits
...and more
Lots more, including a crochet resource library which we're constantly adding to. (Plus a few surprises here and there 😉 Shh!)

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  • Seasonal projects to decorate your home
  • Access to free patterns in our library
  • Patterns available in both UK & US terms
  • Crochet resources

Keep It Fresh

  • Monthly home décor patterns; well-designed, elegant, and at your fingertips
  • Access to our FULL pattern library
  • Patterns available in both UK & US terms
  • Crochet resources
  • Downloadable/printable PDFs
  • Customise pattern colours
  • Customise pattern size
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