Ava & Montague Club

What better way to decorate your home than with items you've made yourself?
Crochet (done tastefully) can fit in with any style of interior design.

The Ava & Montague Club has you covered with a variety of monthly projects for the crocheter who is always looking for a project to make.
At the same time you can create something which the whole household (or a lucky friend) can enjoy!
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Club features, perks and benefits

Ava & Montague Club benefits
Monthly projects
A new home décor crochet project to make every single month. We'll share the pattern, list of supplies, tips and anything else you'll need to make it.
Ava & Montague Club benefits
Be part of our focus group
Get early sneak peeks and previews of what we're working on and an opportunity to provide your input.
Ava & Montague Club benefits
...and more
Lots more, including a crochet resource library which we're constantly adding to. (Plus a few surprises here and there 😉 Shh!)

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  • Monthly home décor crochet projects
  • Full project library with patterns & supplies
  • Crochet resource library
  • Participate in polls
  • Be part of our focus group